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Welcome to Traveler’s Table, we are a globally-inspired eatery, where we share our passion for exploring the world through food and drink, by serving modern versions of hand-selected dishes from around the world, or what we call, “curated global cuisine.”

Here, we believe that food can serve as a gateway for learning about other cultures, for fostering understanding, and for breaking down the barriers that divide us as citizens of the world. After all, no matter how different we are – everyone loves to eat!

At Traveler’s Table, we are fortunate to have a diverse team of talented chefs who have brought their multi-ethnic cooking styles and experiences together to help create unique dishes and drinks that showcase the best flavors and ingredients from all over the world. Through the blending of these backgrounds, we seek to modernize and elevate traditional dishes by making them lighter, brighter, and full of flavor. While we may use a bit of creative license from time to time, we still try to stay true to the spirit of the originals. 

Having had the opportunity to travel to different parts of the world, we’ve been over-whelmed by the hospitality that we’ve been shown in other countries, often times by people of the most humble means, in the most primitive of environments. In many cultures, the ultimate privilege is to host outside travelers, and we too embrace this honor. Thank you for joining us on our journey to explore the world through food and drink!

Welcome to our home!

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